Elmar Lesch Sales-Days from 7th – 14th March 2020

Between 7th and 14th March 2020 there will be a diversified collection of carefully chosen and vet checked eventing horses for sale at Elmar Lesch’s equine training facility. Interested clients can look forward to versatile and talented sport horses with excellent blood lines, the majority of which have been bred in Germany.

On offer are promising youngsters, which will be suitable for example for competing at the next national championships as well as show horses ready to compete internationally. The collection is made even more interesting by the inclusion of tested experienced candidates, these are interesting for adult beginners who are looking for an easy first riding experience or for up and coming talent looking towards qualifying for junior championships.

Starting 7th March 2020 times can be booked for viewing and trying out the collection. From this date on it is also possible to negotiate a binding contract of purchase. Please contact Elmar Lesch if you have questions on individual horses and/or would like to arrange an appointment to view/try out one or more of the collection. Tel: +49 171 - 450 86 73 | E-mail: info@elmar-lesch.de

The collection will be presented with videos and detailed pedigrees online here about one week before the beginning of the sales.

Note: Definitions of the record of date: The horses progress has been supplied by the owners and recorded here up until the deadline for registration to the Sales-Days. (YC= Youngster Class, SJ = Show Jumping, DR = Dressage, CC= Cross Country, EV = Eventing) - The information given in the charts gives no claim to guarantees.